Roller shutters

Roller shutters are assembled from aluminum or steel lamellas moving along side rails. When raised, they are rolled up into a compact roll and closed with a special metal box. Roller shutters in their appearance vaguely resemble classic blinds, but the external resemblance is in no way confirmed by the technical characteristics. These structures are distinguished by their strength, resistance to various kinds of damage and increased protection rates.

  • Prestige
  • Security

Roller gates

Automatic systems are widely used both in industry and in everyday life due to their versatility and impeccable quality. Gates are made of durable materials that are resistant to environmental and weather conditions. Automatic gates are difficult to open with improvised means, which significantly increases the level of protection against unauthorized access.
The possibility of equipping with additional fittings, which allows you to expand the functionality.


Horizontal arm awnings

We produce awnings of various shapes, thanks to which you can choose the perfect solution for effective protection in a country house. The product catalog contains the main options for standard awnings awnings, however, our production facilities allow us to produce almost any product according to an individual project.
Main design options and applications:

  • Horizontal-elbow awnings
  • Vertical awnings
  • Showcase awnings
  • basket showcases
  • gazebos


Tent-covered pergolas are aluminum structures with a protective coating, the roof of the canopy consists of moving automated rails coated with a special waterproof PVC fabric.

Pergolas with awning cover are protective structures for open areas, with the help of which you can extend the seasonality of their use. The functionality of pergolas makes them a versatile solution for rain and sun protection.

Guillotine and frameless glazing

  • Guillotine glazing - excellent protection against wind, rain and cold, vertical sashes are easy to clean and have a high level of shock resistance. The cushioning system ensures soft and silent closing. Easily operated with one hand and securely fixed in both open and closed positions. The system is fully automated and controlled.
  • Sliding frameless glazing - the design consists of frameless glass panels - tempered glass 10 mm., which gives the panels maximum strength and wind resistance. The recommended panel height is 3 meters, the maximum number of glass panels is 12 pcs. It is presented in two versions of sliding tracks for 4 and 6 glasses and, respectively, 4/8 and 6/12 sliding panels.

Sensor doors

Sensor automatic sliding doors are a universal solution for both private houses and common areas (clinics, shops, office buildings, etc.).
An ideal solution as part of an access control system, they are indispensable in enterprises and institutions with regulated visits. In this case, you can open the door by fingerprint, by code, by card, and the like. · Innovative access solutions that demonstrate how entrances can be opened and closed securely and efficiently, providing barrier-free access. To calculate the price for an individual order for your premises, contact our specialists for technical advice and accurate measurements.

Gate automation

Automation for swing gates helps to make everyday life easier, because with it you can open them quickly and effortlessly. The innovative system is fully automated. It is a set of elements that are mounted on the gate. After installation, they can be controlled via the remote control.