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Skyteks provides high strength with the right hardware and intermediate fixings with joining methods suitable for aluminum structures.


Production, delivery and installation within 5 days


Products and components from the best European brands


2 year warranty is issued for all types of products.


We offer quality modern pergolas. This is a functional canopy that protects from the sun, rain and wind. Additionally we install glazing - sliding or vertical, your choice. We equip created structures with ZIP-marquees, automatics. We cover the floor - decking.

All our products and accessories - perfectly combined with each other. And thanks to the stylish modern design, the richness of fabric colors and shades - fit harmoniously into any design of the landscape or interior.



Placing an order

Our specialists will take your order within one day. They will carry out a full consultation on possible technical and color solutions.

Measurement and Production

Measurement is carried out within 1-3 days after placing the order. After measurement, the order goes to production.

Warehousing and storage

Due to the presence of extensive warehouses, the company serves a large number of orders at the same time.

Delivery and installation

Delivery & installation are carried out according to the contract. Experienced installers will quickly & efficiently install your product within the agreed time frame.

We are good

getting the job done

A product of unique design and premium quality.



High-quality support services around the world.

We control the quality

Safety, Ethics and Quality

Quality is one of the main principles of our company.

We manufacture, deliver and install

Sun awnings with automatic drive - it is convenient operation and timely closure of the structure in case of heavy rain, hail or hurricane.

Perfectly solves the problem of insufficient air circulation under the canopy. In good weather, you can fold it down, getting a chance to warm up in the sun and enjoy the natural light, and in bad weather, the sliding awning can be completely closed within 30 seconds.

You will be able to close and open it yourself by sending a signal from the remote control. You can additionally connect shutters, roller shutters and blinds to it, if you have them.


The rain sensor, will react to changes in humidity and give a signal to deploy. And the sun sensor will give the command to open it in the morning and close it when the heat comes.

Specialized PVS fabrics are additionally impregnated with a compound that gives it the so-called "lotus effect" - the surface acquires water repellent properties and dries completely within 10-15 minutes.


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Trying to be №1

We are engaged in the manufacture of automatic pergola more than 10 years

Own workshop

We have our own production, thanks to which we save about 30% of the cost

Quality of materials and work

We work with suppliers for over 7 years and conduct strict quality control

Individual conditions

By submitting an application, you can count on an individual calculation of the cost

We are loved and come back to us

9 out of 10 clients come back to us again and recommend us to their relatives

Saving your time

In 25 days you will get a frameless glazing without any hassle