-It is a modern protection for a shop window, taking up very little space, a closed panjour shutter creates an obstacle in the way of an intruder, preventing it from getting inside. A solid metal wall will not only protect against burglary, but also become an obstacle to dust, noise, stones and vandals. You can stick a self-adhesive sticker with the image of your products, the name of the logo, etc. on the canvas of the roller shutter, which will turn out to be inexpensive and very effective advertising.

Panjures with perforationr

A perforated profile is a profile with perforation, i.e., there are holes in the profile so that, while maintaining its protective anti-burglary properties, the panjour roller shutter also allows you to see through the panjour the contents behind the glass of the showcase for advertising purposes at night. Also, perforation is necessary in order for the guards to see what is happening inside the premises, because thieves can also penetrate through places that are not protected by roller shutters, such as a roof. There are 3 kinds of hole profiles available - SE-78, SE-63 extruded aluminum profile with polycarbonate glass inside and SET-75P galvanized steel micro hole profile.

Production in 7 days