Production of a metal frame of billboards (billboards) according to the size of the customer, own production in Turkmenistan, reasonable prices. A billboard (billboard) is a sample of outdoor advertising, which is a large metal structure and is located along the roadway. The billboard is aimed at passers-by and drivers, thanks to its large size it provides good visibility of the advertising message. Billboard installation steps: Foundation arrangement. Production of metal structures ("legs" and billboard frame). Facing the advertising field with sheets of moisture-resistant materials. Lighting is installed if necessary. Installation of a billboard on an advertising space. Stretching of a printing canvas with an advertising message. Most often, we receive orders for the production of billboards of a standard size - 3x6 meters. These dimensions are enough for drivers to see the information posted on the billboard from afar and not be distracted from what is happening on the road. With additional installation of backlighting on the billboard, good visibility of the advertising message is ensured even in the dark.

Production in 7 days

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